Jeffrey Dean Morgan was surprised that the announcement of the Walking Dead spin-off spoiled Negan’s fate


The Walking Dead star Jeffrey Dean Morgan recently reacted to the official announcement of an Isle of the Dead spin-off starring Lauren Cohan and himself.

Beware, there will be spoilers ahead!


According to TVLine, in an interview between Morgan and Rich Eisen on The Rich Eisen Show, Morgan was surprised that the “Isle of the Dead” news was announced before the cast had finished filming the final episode of The Walking Dead, calling the announcement “kind of a shock”. “. Morgan laughed at the news because it certainly confirms that his character Negan will survive the series finale.

And now we’ve announced that we’re going to do a spin-off, so I don’t think Negan is going to die. Spoiler alert, sorry. I’m still not sure why we announced this, it was kind of a shock to me. But we’ll be filming in Manhattan, so I’ll be at home, which is great. And I think seeing zombies in Manhattan is going to be super fantastic.

The Isle of the Dead spin-off will be a six-episode miniseries starring Maggie and Negan, played by Lauren Cohan and Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

The story will develop in a post-apocalyptic Manhattan, cut off from the mainland for a long time. And although there are still residents, anarchy and hordes of the dead reign here. Maggie and Negan will push themselves to the limit. It will be a new, completely different epic of The Walking Dead.

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