Jez Corden says Bethesda’s Indiana Jones won’t be exclusive to Xbox

The announcement of the next generation video game by Indiana Jones took place in early 2021, before the completion of the acquisition of Bethesda by Xbox. Those directly affected have never confirmed the target platforms, and while the Starfield case suggests the exclusivity of the Xbox ecosystem, some are not prepared to accept this.

We are talking about Jez Corden, editor of Windows Central and a very knowledgeable person about the events taking place around Microsoft. During the latest edition of the Rand’s Thor 19 podcast, Corden confidently stated that Indiana Jones would not be an Xbox exclusive.

Obviously, his words are far from official, so we advise you to take them with a grain of salt, waiting for a message from Bethesda or Microsoft. True, however, they may not be completely far-fetched. We don’t know the details of the deal with LucasFilm, however given the timeline, it’s possible that it was signed prior to Microsoft’s purchase offer made by Bethesda, so it could have been aimed at cross-platform play. As a reminder, games such as Psychonauts 2 and Deathloop honored the original agreements and made it to the PlayStation despite the fact that the acquisition had already been completed.

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