Journalists put the first evaluation of Elex 2

Role-playing game in the open world ELEX 2 will be released tomorrow, and many specialized portals have already managed to make their verdict on the new Piranha Bytes project.

On the review aggregator site Opencritic, ELEX 2 has accumulated 13 reviews and average rating at the time of publication of the post is 65%.

Almost all reviewers noted the unprepossessing combat system, the lack of damage areas (a blow to the head and torso are identical), crooked animations for opponents, and a bunch of other problems and shortcomings. But at the same time, the game has its own charm, it is interesting to explore the locations, as well as the search for loopholes to destroy especially strong opponents. A pleasant role-playing system was also noted that will allow you to win back anyone.

In general, if you liked the first part, then you will like the second, but do not expect any revelations. There are also enough technical problems and in general the game feels budget.

ELEX 2 is a game that might not appeal to everyone, but if you can get past the low-quality graphics and character models, and you enjoy games that give you a lot of freedom to explore, develop and improve your character – ELEX 2 is worth picking up. The game improves on a lot of what the first game offered players while stagnating on others at the same time, but there are moments that shine and can outshine some of the more frustrating ones.

ELEX II – continuation ELEX, a vintage open-world RPG from renowned studio Piranha Bytes, developers of Gothic and Risen. IN ELEX II you have to return to the post-apocalyptic world of Magalan – thanks to the jetpack, you will have unprecedented freedom in exploring its many-sided expanses.

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