Kratos Arrested: LA Police Detain God of War Mocap Actor


God of War mocap actor Joseph Gutt has been arrested for allegedly “explicit sexual contact with a minor” by the Los Angeles Police Department. The man denied the allegations through social media.

To be clear, Joseph Gatt is listed on IMDb as the mocap actor of God of War (2018) and previous chapters of the saga, but he should not be confused with Christopher Judge, the voice actor and partially mocap actor of God of War (2018), possibly both. actors contributed to the character mocap. You can see Joseph Gatt in the image below.

The police issued a search warrant for Gutt’s home and arrested the man. On the same day, the actor posted a $5,000 bail. The police department is looking for possible other victims and is asking anyone with information to contact the department.

Gatt “categorically” denies all allegations and posted the following message on his social media:

I, of course, want to talk about the absolutely terrible and absolutely false accusations leveled against me. They are categorically 100% false. I have confirmed errors and misinformation in today’s press release. I am fully cooperating with the LAPD and the LA Department to get to the bottom of this matter. I look forward to clearing my good name.

Joseph Gatt is best known for playing the Tenn Warg in Game of Thrones. In addition, he has worked as a voice actor and mocap actor for many video games. In addition to God of War, since 2011 he has worked in Star Wars: The Old Republic (voicing Lord Skurg) and several characters in The Elder Scrolls Online and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

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