LAPSUS$ hacker group hacked into Samsung servers and gained access to confidential data


The same hacker group that managed to hack into NVIDIA’s servers 2 weeks ago has now begun to creep into sensitive Samsung data.

The group managed to get a whole terabyte of data from NVIDIA servers, and they also got the source code for DLSS technology. After a failed buyout and lack of cooperation with NVIDIA, the team is now trying to sell the stolen information to a third party, including bypassing hash rate limited cryptocurrency mining.

It is not mentioned which Samsung servers were specifically hacked by this group, but they showed data that was stolen from Samsung servers.

LAPSUS$ hacker attack on Samsung, source: @vxunderground
LAPSUS$ hacker attack on Samsung, source: @vxunderground

Following the release of the teaser, LAPSUS$ provided the following description of the stolen data:

  • source code for each trusted applet (TA) installed in the Samsung TrustZone environment used for sensitive operations (eg, hardware cryptography, binary encryption, access control);
  • algorithms for all biometric unlock operations;
  • bootloader source code for all latest Samsung devices;
  • confidential source code from Qualcomm;
  • source code for Samsung activation servers;
  • the complete source code for the technology used to authorize and authenticate Samsung accounts, including APIs and services.

If this claim turns out to be true, then Samsung will suffer a major data breach that could have serious security implications for both the company and their partners (such as Qualcomm).

With no mention of a ransom, or even that Samsung is involved in any sort of contact with the hackers, it looks like Samsung either failed to comply with the ransomware group’s demands or refused to comply with the terms.

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