Latest NVIDIA GeForce Game Ready 512.95 driver activates Lite Hash Rate limit

Yesterday’s Driver GeForce Game Ready 512.95 WHQL no longer allows you to bypass LHR protection on Geforce RTX 3000. After installing a new driver, all Windows-based mining software reverts to “original” hashrate, which usually ranges from 50 to 70% depending on the algorithm and software.

The catch is that the new driver does not enable LHR on a permanent basis. Miners can reinstall the previous driver 512.77, which includes full LHR unlock. So it’s not a problem at all, just now what “amateur miners” the least problematic part of the miner community and they have to choose whether they want to mine or play games with the latest drivers.

Lite Hash Rate was a desperate attempt by NVIDIA to dissuade miners from buying their cards. Unfortunately, the crypto mining community quickly cracked LHR, and 70% hashrate unlocking was achieved fairly quickly after the release of the first cards with LHR. However, the full LHR unlock only became available two weeks ago.

The blocking of mining on the new 512.95 drivers was confirmed by YouTuber Juliano Caju. He says his RTX 3060 graphics card is limited by ethereum hashrate 25 Mhash/swhen using software “nbminer”which is much slower than 46 Mhash/s on unlocked driver 512.77.

NVIDIA LHR on drivers 512.95 and 512.77
NVIDIA LHR on drivers 512.95 and 512.77

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