Latest Valheim Patch Adjusts Troll Behavior


The trolls in Valheim should be more careful when you hit them, thanks to the latest survival patch. The latest patch includes adjustments to the trolls’ behavior so they stagger properly when hit. Patch 0.208.1 also brings a number of nice “quality of life” changes that should make recovering lost equipment less tedious.

The developers of Iron Gate stated that they “reminded the trolls that they really should be stunned” when the adventurers hit them with something heavy. “Not so much fun for them, but fun for you!” – reassuringly notes the studio. This should at least make the trolls more manageable – in any case, they won’t shrug off hard hits as often.

Another nice fix in this update is a change to how your inventory works when you get your tombstone back after being unceremoniously killed (perhaps by a troll). In the latest patch, restored inventory items automatically stack with what you are currently wearing, rather than requiring free slots for each item you pick up.

Besides, rest the notes refer to small but significant changes that either fix bugs or improve the user experience – there isn’t much new content in this update, but Iron Gate says it’s more about “making your gameplay a little smoother”.

For example, if you’re playing with a gamepad, you’ll no longer automatically buy items from merchants twice, and new keyboard and gamepad hints will appear in the inventory screen.

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