Lead developer from PlayStation and Amazon: “NFT has no place in the gaming industry”


The topic of introducing NFTs and blockchain platforms into games is still being actively discussed by leading experts in the gaming industry. To this discussion decided join former lead developer from PlayStation and Amazon, Nathan Bosia, who sided with the players. He believes that NFT should not be integrated into games.

I have been in the video game industry for 25 years. I launched the first in-game currency on PlayStation. I also put Kratos from God of War into Mortal Kombat. This is how you should integrate NFT into games – no way.

— said Nathan Bosia in his twitter.

Bosia has worked in the gaming industry for several decades and during his career has managed to go through various gaming trends that have already been forgotten by many. The developer believes that NFT should not be introduced into games at all. All the benefits that will allegedly be available with tokens are already partially implemented to varying degrees or can be added separately. This also applies to the availability of games on all platforms, as well as in-game content.

In the comments under Nathan’s post, many users agreed with his statement. The forceful introduction of NFTs is more of a deterrent to players, and more recently it has been attracting scammers more and more.

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