Leaked ‘Doctor Strange: Into the Multiverse of Madness’ plot turned out to be true


In August last year, the full plot of Doctor Strange: Into the Multiverse of Madness was posted on Reddit, and many users mistook it for a fake. However, after the release of two trailers, it turned out that the leak was true.

One of the Reddit users noticedthat almost every described scene in the sink is present in trailers and TV spots. Most likely, the person who leaked the plot was lucky enough to get to the test screening of the film.

There will be major spoilers ahead.

  • The film opens with a scene in a burning forest where Mordo is hunting Wanda with a magical bow. But in the end, Wanda cuts off his head;
  • Wong is the Sorcerer Supreme in this movie (Confirmed in “No Way Home”);
  • We are then transported to a chase scene where Chavez, Wong, and Defender Strange are on the run from an interdimensional demon. Parallel to this, they want to find a book that contains a spell to defeat any evil;
  • They almost made it to the book, but they are impaled. Chavez survived and was transported to the original universe along with the dead body of Defender Strange. Chavez is alarmed and terrified of what has happened, including the fact that she opened a portal to another universe;
  • Afterwards, the original Doctor Strange wakes up in his bed and thinks it was all just another nightmare;
  • The original Strange and Wong go to Christine Palmer’s wedding, but are interrupted by the Gargantos (a giant monster with one eye) who starts to destroy New York City;
  • Gargantos was summoned by the Scarlet Witch to capture Chavez’s forces to travel the multiverse;
  • Scarlet Witch is the film’s main villain;
  • Wong and Strange killed Gargantos by ripping out his eye;
  • After the battle, Chavez meets the heroes and takes them to an alley where the dead body of Defender Strange lies. They then go to a pizzeria to appease Chavez and find out what’s going on;
  • Strange tells her that he had a nightmare where he and Wong die. Chavez tells the Doctor that this is not a dream at all, but real events that happened in another universe. She also tells him that some monster is constantly hunting her;
  • Strange decides to go to Wanda;
  • In a conversation between the Doctor and Wanda, a conflict broke out and she began to threaten him;
  • After that, the heroes go to Kamar-Taj to protect Chavez. There they meet a minotaur named Rintra;
  • Wanda attacked Kamar Taj. She killed a huge number of people and captured Wong. Strange and Chavez managed to escape to another universe;
  • With the help of the Darkhold, Wanda is able to astrally project herself into other universes, but not physically;
  • Strange and Chavez have entered the universe of the Iron Legion. They are looking for help;
  • The heroes then move to another universe – this time to the one where Strange sacrificed himself to defeat Thanos. They came to the Sanctum Sanctorum and it turned out that in this universe, the Supreme Enchanter is Mordo;
  • Mordo puts Strange and Chavez to sleep and then sends them to prison;
  • Once the heroes are awake, Strange is handcuffed and sent to the Illuminati;
  • The Illuminati include: Captain Marvel, Baldr the Brave, Captain Carter and their leader Professor X;
  • Professor X is sitting in a chair that looks exactly like a chair from a 90s animated series;
  • The Illuminati argue over whether Strange should be killed, as he violates the laws of the multiverse;
  • Strange warns them that Wanda is already on her way and their argument is pointless;
  • We are then shown Wanda from the Illuminati universe spending time with her children. The astral projection of the evil Wanda from the original universe takes control of the good Wanda’s body. The kids are confused as their mom just went to the Illuminati;
  • In the hall of the Illuminati, Baldr the Brave tells Strange that Wanda is no match for them, but then she suddenly appears and easily kills Baldr with a wave of her hand;
  • Wanda also defeats Captain Marvel and Captain Carter;
  • Strange and Mordo fight each other;
  • While a battle is going on in the Illuminati hall, a variant of Christina Palmer frees Chavez from prison;
  • Professor X also gets into a fight with Wanda. He tries to heal her, but she breaks his neck;
  • Strange, Chavez and Christina Palmer team up. They run from Wanda, who destroys everything in her path. In the basement, they open a magical door with Christina’s bracelet;
  • The door opens the multiverse and we are shown the very book in which there is a spell to defeat any evil;
  • The heroes try to get to the book, but Wanda caught up with them. She captured Chavez, and threw Strange and Palmer into another universe;
  • Strange and Palmer find themselves in a universe where New York is destroyed and an evil version of Doctor Strange lives in the Sanctum Sanctorum;
  • Wanda and Chavez have arrived in the original universe, and the sorcerers of Kamar-Taj create a magical barrier to prevent Wanda from getting inside. She takes over the mind of a weak sorcerer and breaks the spell, killing almost all surviving sorcerers;
  • Then there is an unexpected twist: Wong and the sorcerers destroy the Darkhold;
  • Scarlet Witch begins to threaten Wong and asks him where the other Darkhold is (there are several of them, one of the versions of the book was in the series Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and The Runaways);
  • Wong told her that there was another Darkhold and it was in a mountain fortress;
  • Wanda and Chavez arrive at a castle where there are demonic prints of the Darkhold on the walls;
  • Thanks to Chavez’s powers and the Darkhold engravings, Wanda was finally able to physically travel across the multiverse to find her children and bring them to her universe;
  • Evil Wanda moves into the Illuminati universe and begins a battle with good Wanda. The evil version wins;
  • Parallel to this, Doctor Strange fights the evil Strange. The Good Doctor kills his evil version;
  • Strange realizes that he is stuck and cannot move to the main universe without Chavez.
  • With the help of a spell, he decides to astrally move to his universe and move into the dead body of Defender Strange. He literally became a zombie;
  • Then, in Kamar-Taj, the minotaur Rintra delivers a pathetic and inspiring speech to the surviving sorcerers. Inspired, they went to the castle for the final battle to stop Wanda;
  • Strange got to Chavez and whispered something in her ear, after which she began to better control her powers and began to fight back against Wanda;
  • Chavez fights Wanda and it’s similar to the fight between Ultron and the Observer in the animated series “What if …?”, where they also travel to other universes;
  • Wanda eventually gets to her children, but she is exhausted, covered in blood, and looks like a zombie. The children begin to cry when Wanda begins to approach them;
  • Seeing the reaction of the children, Wanda understood everything and began to break free from the power of the Darkhold. There is a powerful release of magic and the castle is destroyed. Wanda’s fate remains unknown;
  • At the end there is a dialogue between the original Strange and Chavez, she says that she is glad to see him. Strange bows to Wong and they decide to get Chavez trained;
  • In a post-credits scene, Strange has a third eye on his forehead and Clea comes to him and asks for help.

Of course, a lot of time has passed since August and the film comic has undergone a huge number of reshoots. The release version of the film will have more cameos and Illuminati, and many scenes and the final act will most likely be changed.

Doctor Strange: In the Multiverse of Madness premieres on May 5th.

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