Lineage 2 celebrates a birthday

In all three versions of the “line” available on Fogame, players are waiting for pleasant gifts, surprises and interesting events. And also cake.

In Russia, Lineage’s birthday is celebrated in winter: on December 15, 2008, the first official game servers were opened. This year, the “main” version of the game Lineage 2 turns 14 years old, the classic Lineage 2 Legacy – 8 years old, and the “junior” Lineage 2 Essense – 3 years old. And all three versions will celebrate.

The events will begin on November 30 and will last for almost a month – until December 28. Here’s what awaits the players:

  • Throughout the holiday month, users will receive daily gifts for logging into the game. You need to spend at least 30 minutes a day in it, and one of the gifts will be a riding iron dragon!
  • In Lineage 2, players will have to unite with the entire server in order to deal with the deadly Aigis, the daughter of the goddess of destruction Shillen. In Lineage 2 Legacy, defeating monsters will give you more experience than usual – this is a great chance to make your hero stronger and cooler.
  • In Lineage 2 Legacy, players will be able to visit the Frozen Canyon, get crystals there and exchange them for in-game items. And in Lineage 2 Essense, you can go to Fantasy Island and play a mini-game where the user needs to open mysterious chests in order to receive a reward.
  • In Lineage 2 Essense, players will find an incredible king cake. For each piece of cake, the player will receive a pleasant buff for three whole hours: an increase in experience, health, and much more. And when the effect ends, a gift will fall into the character’s inventory.
  • In addition, players will find many other surprises, quests, gifts and modifications.

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