Lionsgate is preparing a reboot of the Cube franchise

Portal Bloody Disgiusting announced the forthcoming reboot of the horror franchise “Cube”. Production will be handled by Lionsgate.

The first “Cube” directed by Vincenzo Natali was released in 1997 and told about six strangers who fell into a mysterious labyrinth of all kinds of traps. The heroes have to find a way out and find out the identity of the kidnapper before certain death overtakes them.

Later, two sequels to the psychological thriller became available: “Hypercube” and “Cube Zero”. A Japanese remake of the film also appeared this year.

The director of the potential reboot has not been named. In 2015, Lionsgate planned to work on a remake of “Cube” with Prometheus and Dune screenwriter John Spaihts, but the project did not materialize.

Reboots of Blair Witch and Leprechaun were also previously announced. Lionsgate has not yet officially confirmed this information.

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