Live AI, perk fixes and more: Biggest Changes in Cyberpunk 2077’s Biggest Patch


CD Projekt RED talked about the main changes in the largest patch for Cyberpunk 2077, which is already available for download.

Polish developers from CD Projekt RED have not commented on the release of updates for Cyberpunk 2077 for quite a long time. Apparently, the scandalous launch of the game in the open world taught them a lot and now the authors talk about their plans only when everything is ready. Today, as part of a live broadcast, it was officially announced patch 1.5 for PC and next-gen consoleswhich is already available for download.

In the new update, the developers presented a complete reworking of all perks, which have been broken since the game’s release. The CD Projekt RED team assured that players will now expand the gameplay capabilities of Cyberpunk 2077. Abilities will become more effective and tangible for any style of passing. There are so many changes that after installing the patch, players will be given a free redistribution of perks.

At the same time, the general possibilities of interaction in the game have been expanded. For example, now you can throw a knife at the enemy, and he will immediately return to inventory. CD Projekt RED spent a lot of time refinement or improvement practically all “controversial” aspects of the game. Developers are most proud of updated AI enemy, which began to behave more naturally. Enemies now move more frequently, try to confront the player in a variety of ways, and react to the protagonist’s fighting style to take cover and attack more effectively.

According to CD Projekt RED, there are really a lot of changes, improvements and fixes in patch 1.5. Now simple NPCs will react more organically to player actions in the open world. They can cause a panic in the streets during a firefight, and their models won’t just disappear if they’re out of the player’s line of sight. The developers have prescribed additional scenarios of behavior in the crowd and single characters in order to revive the world around them as much as possible. The new model of NPC behavior will be met not only on the streets, players will see it on the roads in a variety of ways.

Also, CD Projekt RED tried to improve the overall balance, most attention was paid to economy. Players will receive more valuable rewards, and some items will become cheaper. They promise that the assortment of goods in stores will change depending on the time of day and the stage of the game.

In addition, additional settings for the global map interface will appear, which will be useful during the passage of additional activities. As well as the ability to change the appearance of your character through the mirror in the apartment. Personalization options have been significantly expanded. Several new houses have appeared in Cyberpunk 2077, the possibility of partially modifying them has been added new elements in the character editor. Change and buy new apartments it will be possible through the EzEstates website. Reportedly, V’s apartments now have interactive items that can be interacted with in different ways and receive power-ups. Among interactivity, they report the opportunity to meet at home a character with whom an affair began. According to the developers, if you fall asleep at home, there is a chance to wake up in the arms of your favorite hero.

Full recording of the CD Projekt RED broadcast with an overview of all the changes:

The new patch has an impressive size – 50 GB. It will be available for free to all owners of the game on PC and consoles of all generations. For the PC version of Cyberpunk 2077, the developers have added a graphical benchmark that will help users find the optimal settings.

The full list of changes in the patch is available on the official website.

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