Looks like Capcom is gearing up to announce its next big game.


Japanese publisher and developer capcom launched site with a countdown timer that ends on February 21st. Unfortunately, there are no images on the site that could hint at the upcoming announcement. Nevertheless, it is worth keeping in mind, because there is only a week left before the end of the countdown.

While there is no further information or hints on the site as to what will happen when the countdown hits zero, netizens are already sharing their speculations and guesses about what’s to come. For example, it could be an announcement of a fighting game Street Fighter 6, as the developers promised details about the new project in 2022. Or maybe we are waiting for the official announcement of the remake Resident Evil 4which the rumored It will be darker and scarier than the original. Although perhaps we will finally be presented with the long-awaited sequel Dragon’s Dogma the announcement of which was hinted at by the creator of the series Hideaki Itsuno.

There are a lot of assumptions and we can only patiently wait for official information capcom.

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