Looks like Owlcat Games, the creators of Pathfinder, will be announcing their next sci-fi game soon.

The Owlcat Games studio is known for its fantasy CRPG Pathfinder: Kingmaker Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous, which, despite various problems, was warmly received by the public and critics.

But apparently very soon the guys will present their next game in a completely new setting of science fiction. Or maybe not, but judge for yourself – today the studio turned to its fans through social networks with the following message

What’s next, Owlcat Games? You asked us…

And then there was a link to website with artwork that hints at the sci-fi genre rather than fantasy. And given the track record of this studio, we may well expect the announcement of Starfinder. And this announcement may already take place on June 9, because this message was liked by The Game Awards producer Jeff Keely, who will host Summer Game Fest earlier this summer.

The tabletop version of Starfinder is based on Pathfinder, so it also uses the Dungeons & Dragons d20 rule system, meaning success or failure will be determined by the sum of the 20-sided die roll and additional modifiers. In addition to the races familiar to fantasy games, Starfinder has many new races (isoks (rat-like technical specialists), androids, veses (battle lizards), kasats (four-armed telepaths) and many others. Also in Starfinder are new character classes that more reflect the sci-fi genre (operator, technomancer, mystic, and others).

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