Looks like Shadow Warrior 3 isn’t doing well, at least on Steam.


March has just begun, and already three games are not feeling very well, at first Babylon’s Fall failed to interest the players, but even critics scolded her, then GRID Legends was able to attract only 455 one-time players. And here it is Shadow Warrior 3 followed this sad trend, The maximum number of players in Steam amounted to only 1,651 people. At the time of publication of this post, only 378 people were present in the game at the same time. For example, Shadow Warrior 2 was able to attract the attention of 12,634 players on release.

At the moment, the average user rating for Lo Wang’s new adventures on Steam is only 60%. Players note that the game is not only very short, but also the plot is just for show, as well as significantly simplified in terms of gameplay compared to its predecessors.

The disgraced corporate shogun Lo Wang and his former employer, bitter enemy, and later assistant Orochi Zilla take on an impossible task: to catch the ancient dragon, which they accidentally freed from eternal imprisonment. edge, hunt down the dark beast and once again prevent the end of the world.

Shadow Warrior 3 available on PC, PlayStation and Xbox.

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