Lost Ark’s user agreement says aliens can’t access the game


The game Lost Ark beats all possible online records on Steam – at the moment, the peak online game is 1,325,305 people. This is an unthinkable achievement for the Steam platform – the game overtakes the closest competitor in the face of CS: GO by more than 300 thousand people.

The game is so popular that players manage to read the entire user agreement, which must be accepted in order to access the game. And many skipping the entire text of this game could not even imagine that there:

To conclude an agreement, you need to be a living person (not a corporation, not an artificial intelligence (it doesn’t matter if it’s evil or good), not an alien, not an intelligent primate). In any case, this ban becomes inoperative in the event that aliens invade Earth. The same goes for an uprising of monkeys or robots.

If this happens, we welcome all of the above as eligible for our gaming services in the “Their Highnesses” group.

The agreement begins to operate from the moment the power is seized and continues until the moment the lay is returned to the people.


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