Mads Mikkelsen says ‘Indiana Jones 5’ is returning to the ‘original feel’ of the first and second films


Mikkelsen was announced to join the cast of the untitled sequel alongside Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Antonio Banderas and, of course, Harrison Ford back in 2021. The actor recently revealed that the upcoming Indiana Jones movie is going back to its roots.

So far, little is known about the new film, but Mikkelsen said the film is filled with nostalgia for classic action-adventure movies, especially the first two installments. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the actor said:

Raiders of the Lost Ark was one of my favorite movies, it just exuded that golden period of the 1940s TV series – and that’s also in the fifth movie. It pretty much goes back to the first and second movie and achieves that original feel, the original Indie, something exciting and epic.

If the first four films of the epic adventure franchise were directed by Steven Spielberg, then the fifth part for the first time handed over the reins to another director – James Mangold, who directed the films “Logan” and “The Wolverine” with Hugh Jackman, as well as “Ford v Ferrari”. “It looks a lot like a Spielberg movie and it’s obvious that James is making it with the same vision.” says Mikkelsen.

Although Spielberg has retired from the franchise, Harrison Ford, now 80, is still trying to reprise his role as Indiana Jones. Mikkelsen was both impressed and a little intimidated by the aging Ford’s energy and strength:

This was the first meeting with him, and he is an insanely strong person. Not only as an actor, but also physically. I remember the first day of shooting, it was night shooting, we finished at 5 am – and then he got on his mountain bike and rode 50 kilometers on it. Harrison is a monster in human form, a very good monster.

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