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Surely you have already noticed that all posts have a button leading to editing it. This is not a bug or an error – now every post on can be edited by any registered user. Games and WIKI have long been available for editing by everyone, now this functionality has reached posts.

First of all, this is done so that the posts become better. Now you can, for example, supplement the news with up-to-date information, replace a low-resolution image, or add additional screenshots. In the end, you will be able to correct typos or mistakes made by the authors in long posts! But don’t forget that edits should improve or complement the content, not distort the content. For useful edits, as well as for any activity on the site, bonuses are awarded.

When editing posts of the “file” and “cheat” types, namely, updating the file contained in them, the moderator has the opportunity to change the publication time and raise the post up the feed. Now, instead of adding a new post and waiting for the merger, you can simply update the existing one. This will make the process of updating files more convenient for regular authors.

Absolutely all edits will be moderated and until the moderator accepts the edit, the changes will not be displayed on the site. Only the moderator decides on the need to make corrections. There is no other way to change someone else’s post. For destructive activities, you risk getting a well-deserved punishment. Any attempts to spoil the posts will be stopped quickly and for a long time.

What can and should be done:

  • fix typos,
  • fix formatting,
  • fix or add pictures,
  • update or supplement information,
  • update long-stale posts.

What not to do:

  • funny jokes in edits,
  • substitute or distort the meaning of what is written,
  • make edits for the sake of editing,
  • manipulate the edit system to keep the post at the top of the feed,
  • test moderation for attentiveness.

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