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The site team is pleased to announce that the plan (1,2,3) on the translation of all the main information sections into the post structure is completed! The Wiki has been replaced by Guides. What this means and what has changed – now we will tell about everything.

An important point – all the contents of the Wiki for all games have been moved to a new section. Although the appearance of the section has changed significantly, because “Guides” are structurally similar to other sections with posts, the information itself has been saved. You can work with all the materials in this section as news, opinions and files – now, regardless of the type of content you create, you have access to all the possibilities of working with posts.

This means that when writing long playthroughs, you can save the intermediate result in drafts or update it with the release of new updates by making edits. Compared to the Wiki, working with images and videos has become much easier, which means you can create more visual and detailed tips.

A little about what will be in the “Guides” section (and already there). Generally speaking, it will be possible to find any information that will help in passing the games. Categories of posts like “Guides” reveal this idea much more widely:

  • Walkthroughs – the main, and the most voluminous category. Here you can see both complete passages of games, and individual levels.
  • secrets — all secret places, hidden chests and locations of special items are collected in this section.
  • Items – posts in this category contain information about all items available in the game. Here you can find out the conditions for obtaining a particular item, their location and characteristics.
  • Achievements Want to go Platinum on PS+ or get all the badges on Steam? Then the posts in this section will definitely help you.
  • craft – what, from what and how you can build in the game. Recipes, instructions and useful tips related to the creation of items.
  • Characters — description of story and quest NPCs, details about playable characters, companions.
  • Bestiary – detailed information about all the creatures and enemies in the game, with tactics for killing, habitats and characteristics.
  • Locations – maps of levels, locations or the whole world, with descriptions and marks. Routes can also be collected here.
  • Races — description of in-game races and factions, their distinctive features, limitations and characteristics.
  • Classes – Description of the various classes available to the player.
  • Builds — how to effectively upgrade your character, choose balanced equipment… well, or just break the balance with your very existence.
  • Modifications – guides about mods, their creation, installation and use.
  • Gameplay – answers to questions regarding in-game mechanics. Ways of interacting with the world, timings of the appearance of objects and the reaction of enemies, the intricacies of the work of game scripts, descriptions of characteristics and much more.
  • Technical – a description of the solution to known technical problems from minor errors and script freezes, to game crashes. Solving compatibility problems and optimizing game settings, as well as a description of useful utilities for working with the game.
  • Easter eggs — location and explanation of all Easter eggs left by the developers.

So yes, everyone has the opportunity to share their experience of passing, and help other players cope with difficulties. Whether it’s a taciturn NPC, a secret weapon, a difficult boss, or simple launch problems.

And last but not least is the ability to make edits. Any posts from the “Guides” section may lose their relevance due to the release of balance and content patches, or game updates. As a result, the posts themselves will need minor edits, and sometimes noticeable changes. Now the opportunity to make changes will be available to both authors and users who have noticed an inaccuracy. Thus, the relevance and competence of the manuals will only be increased.

A few more words about categories. Over the years of its existence on our site, through the efforts of users and the editors, a huge knowledge base on many games has been accumulated. There are several thousand passages alone, and the total number of posts of this type is in the tens of thousands. It will take us some time to correctly categorize posts like “Guides” in all games, but you can help us with this difficult task by going to your favorite games and using the edit function to put down categories.

Good luck to everyone, and seven feet under the keel!

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