Michael Pachter predicts PlayStation won’t exist in 10 years


Renowned industry analyst Michael Pachter stated that the brand PlayStation will cease to exist within the next ten years.

Over the past few months, we’ve seen both console giants go out of their way to outdo each other. Last year Microsoft acquired Bethesdabut Sony bought games bluepoint And house marque. That in itself seemed like quite a lot back then and we were very excited to see what they had to offer.

Things went a step further earlier this year, however, when Microsoft announced a large-scale acquisition Activision. Sony responded by acquiring Bungie. The competition between Sony and Microsoft seems to be tougher than ever, and fans are wondering which brand will emerge victorious.

According to popular industry analyst at Wedbush Securities Michael Pachter, things could turn out pretty badly for the PlayStation in the coming days. When asked how Sony would compete with Xbox Game Pass during an RDX podcast, he stated that PlayStation “doomed” and will practically cease to exist in the next ten years. He goes on to add that this is because Sony is not just a couple of years behind, but instead Xbox gained an insurmountable advantage.

In the past, Pachter has been quite outspoken in his opinions and made some bold statements. A couple of years ago he said that Nintendo Switch doesn’t make sense and nintendo should promote the version more Lite. As we all know, the Nintendo Switch has recently become the best-selling Nintendo home console, although it is still underperforming D.S..

Will the PlayStation really cease to exist in the next 10 years? In all likelihood, no. Microsoft may have fully embraced the Xbox Game Pass formula, but we’re yet to see any original exclusives from Microsoft that could compete with what Sony has been releasing in the past few years. Games like Horizon, God of War And Spider Manhave a large enough fan base to keep the ecosystem popular enough to take on Microsoft.

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