Microsoft confirms Xbox mini fridges are still in development

Microsoft has confirmed that Xbox mini fridges are still in development. Xbox Marketing Director Aaron Greenberg tweeted that just because Microsoft didn’t share any details about the mini-fridges as part of a recent news release, it doesn’t mean they’re still out of development.

“The future of the Xbox wouldn’t be complete without a mini-refrigerator,” he said. “I hope I won’t leave you in the cold for long. We will share when we can! “

For those who just got it, the Xbox mini fridge was meant to be a joke. When Microsoft revealed the design of the Series X, many noticed that the system looked like a refrigerator. Microsoft took the feedback carefully and eventually announced that it would create true Xbox mini fridges for sale to the general public.

In April, the first design proposals were returned to Microsoft for feedback. However, we still don’t know anything about the price, release date, or final design.

Microsoft even made real, working, full-size fridges for the Xbox and shipped them to celebrities like Snoop Dogg and The Rock, which in turn generated a positive response for the brand.

After the Xbox Onsie and the greaseproof Xbox controller, the mini fridge will be the latest addition to the Xbox. Who could forget the Xbox shower gel?

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