Microsoft is keeping an eye on Activision executives to ensure the “right people” are in power after its acquisition


Microsoft is monitoring Activision Blizzard’s leadership team and how it handles ongoing harassment lawsuits to determine who should remain in power after the acquisition.

That’s according to Microsoft President Brad Smith, who told CNBC that the company wants to improve the culture at Activision Blizzard and make sure the right people are working for the company.

I think if we’re learning anything new about dealing with issues like sexual harassment or just about any cultural issue for people, it takes a combination of commitment and humility, – Smith said. You must be committed to improving the situation.

You know, what we expect from Activision Blizzard today is that workplace culture and safety will be a top priority every day, until the day this deal hopefully closes. And then we will take over, and we must assume the same obligations.

But I also think that humility matters. The day you think you’re done, the day you think you can declare victory, you’re probably sacrificing the very values ​​you hope to promote.

So we always approach it with the knowledge that we have been on the path. We are developing and we hope that this is a positive path. And it’s not just for Activision Blizzard, I think it’s part of all Microsoft departments. This is part of the entire technology sector. It is part of every business in the entire economy.

CNBC then asked Smith if “when we own Activision” means he’s envisioning an entirely new leadership team.

Well, we said that some aspects will be changed, but it will be one new team that will work together, – he replied. Most importantly, we want the culture to develop and we will see how people will perform between now and closing day if the company is approved and then we will have the opportunity to make sure we have the right people in the right positions. .

“It looks like people will be under close scrutiny in the period up to that time,” the interlocutor suggested.

I think that we should all live in a world where we are under scrutiny – Smith replied. I mean the world is changing and I think mostly in a positive way. This is just another example of how we can serve our employees better if we take the opportunity to change.

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