“Mjolnir can not be compared with an ax”: Liosgate joked about the new trailer of the fourth “Thor” with Christian Bale

The trailer for Thor: Love and Thunder was recently released, showing the main antagonist, Gorr the Godslayer, for the first time. The villain in the tape was played by Christian Bale, which became the reason for a variety of memes. Even Liosgate took advantage of an excellent reason for a joke, remember “American Psycho”.

Mjolnir is no match for Patrick Bateman’s axe.

Liosgate wrote on their official Twitter.

The film company refers to the famous image of Christian Bale in the film “American Psycho”, where he played a murderous maniac. In one of the bloody episodes of the tape, his hero killed his victim with a mirror-polished ax, which could be remembered by many viewers.

Thor: Love and Thunder is set to premiere on June 8th. Perhaps, after the release of the film, we will have even more jokes with Christian Bale.

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