Mouse and keyboard support coming soon to Xbox Cloud Gaming


Xbox Cloud Gaming allows its subscribers to enjoy the latest games on low-cost PCs and mobile devices, as well as consoles Xbox. However, the service currently lacks the functionality that some users require, especially those who are used to playing from PC.

It’s about mouse and keyboard support for those who, for example, would like to play a first-person shooter without having to adapt to a controller they might not be used to. Well, according to the project manager flight simulator Jörg Neumann, support for two peripherals will be introduced in the coming months among the Xbox Cloud Gaming features. Neumann specifically refers to the flight simulator, however it is unlikely that the functionality will be limited to the game only. Asobo.

“The Xbox Cloud Gaming team is working on it. I can’t give a date, but support will come and we’re also discussing how touch controls work. I would say that this will happen in the next few months. I hope it will be done by June or so, but I can’t say for sure,” said Neumann, who also added that Flight Simulator might also welcome gyroscope support to make the simulation even more exciting.

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