Neil Druckmann came to the defense of Pedro Pascal, who admitted that he hardly played The Last of Us


The other day, Pedro Pascal, who played the role of Joel in the film adaptation of The Last of Us, had the imprudence to admit that he was very remotely familiar with the original source. The actor lamented that a closer acquaintance with the game did not take place due to his lack of the necessary skills. However, such an argument seemed unconvincing to the fans, and in a single impulse they went to the forums to scribble impartial comments about Pascal and his mother.

Not just anyone, but one of the creators of The Last of Us, Neil Druckmann himself, came to the defense of Pedro! He said that truly brilliant creators should not copy other people’s developments, but on their basis come up with something completely new. As an example, he cited the performers of the role of the Joker, each of whom brought something of his own to the image of the iconic villain.

I’ll put in my two cents on the subject of adaptations. I believe that great creators rethink the source material, capturing the essence. They never copy. Think of the great work of Mark Hamill, Joaquin Phoenix, Heath Ledger and Jack Nicholson. All of them are unique, but true to the original source.

Many have noticed that Jared Leto is not on the list. To which Druckmann cited a limit on the size of a tweet. The devil got out.

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