Netflix is ​​preparing a new season of Black Mirror


After a three-year hiatus, Netflix is ​​once again offering Black Mirror to subscribers. The dystopian drama became a huge viral hit when it first hit screens in 2011, drawing comparisons to the much-loved The Twilight Zone series and drawing in millions of viewers. According to Variety, the sixth season will have more episodes than the three-episode season five, and the budget for each episode will be increased, essentially turning each new episode into a movie. There are no details on what stories or creative ideas will be based on the new season.

This happened after a long legal and financial showdown by Netflix. Creators Charlie Booker and Annabelle Jones left Endemol Shine-backed production company House of Tomorrow in early 2020 and shortly thereafter signed an unprecedented deal with Netflix, giving Netflix exclusive rights to any new Black Mirror project from new production company Broke And Bones .

However, Endemol Shine still owned the rights to Black Mirror, and it was only recently that Netflix managed to negotiate with them to license the rights to create new seasons of the popular series. And as noted above, it looks like the plan is to make it bigger and more expensive than ever before, putting it on par with Netflix’s super hit Stranger Things.

Netflix has been generally successful with British projects. In addition to Black Mirror, series like The Crown, Sex Education, The Bodyguard, Sherlock and many more have become Netflix hits, further explaining why the streaming service is investing in bringing in the best British content creators. .

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