Netflix releases entire episode from season 3 of Love, Death & Robots


On a good day, most of us are lucky, and there is very little love and robots in our lives. On a beautiful day, we can watch the new episode of “Love, Death and Robots” on the Internet before its official release. Congratulations, friends, Netflix has posted an entire episode of the third season on their YouTube channel. True, translation into Russian was not included in the deal.

Even better, this is the first direct sequel in the history of Love, Death and Robots. “Robot 3: Exit Strategies” follows the events of “Robot 3”, an episode of the first season in which three titular robots go sightseeing in a post-apocalyptic city. In “Exit Strategy,” the same trio return on another round-the-world journey to explore post-apocalyptic survival strategies for humans, “before humanity is finally annihilated,” according to a press release.

The episode was written by science fiction writer John Scalzi (best known for the Old Man’s War series and the original Three Robots).

While fans will have to wait until Friday to watch the rest of the anthology’s third volume, Exit Strategy’s clever quirks are just about anything to make us feel a little loved (and maybe dead, and maybe even robots).

Nine new episodes of the third volume of “Love, Death and Robots” will be released on Netflix on May 20.

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