New Cinematic Trailer Released For Call of Duty Season 4

Call of Duty Season 4 kicks off next week for Black Ops: Cold War and Warzone, and Activision has released a new cinematic intro for Season 4 ahead of the June 17 launch date.

Today’s new June 11 Call of Duty cinematic reveals that Stitch’s plan is still in place as contact in South Africa is forced to shut off satellites for him, which we already know from the June 8 teaser trailer, which interfered with the special broadcast that Stitch trying to send.

Everything from the June 8th Call of Duty trailer gives the feeling that Stitch is trying to restart Numbers, which is a brainwashing narrative from the Black Ops storyline. Adler is likely the new sleeping agent who is on the verge of being controlled by Stitch. And now that these satellites are off, we may very soon see Adler and many other sleeping agents activate.

During the Summer Game Fest, Activision announced that Black Ops Cold War and Warzone Season 4 will add a lot of new content, including the return of the popular Black Ops 2 Hijacked map. As you would expect in the new season, there will also be a new Battle Pass with new operators and weapons to unlock.

While waiting for Season 4 to arrive, players can level up faster this weekend with a new Double XP Event. Both Dual XP and Dual XP Battle Pass are available for Black Ops Cold War and Warzone through June 14th.

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