New Crusader Kings III DLC Adds Best Friends and Worst Enemies to the Game

The Friends and Foes pack expands the campaign with new stories and events.

Here are the key features of the Friends and Foes expansion:

  • Friendship: Cultivate friendships in which someone will always have your back, but keep in mind that you will be indebted.
  • Rivalries: Try to defend yourself against the machinations of enemies at court and stand in the long-term enmity passed down from generation to generation.
  • Lovers: True love may often be thorny, but fortune favors the bold and romantic.
  • Courtiers: Subjects who are mistreated may try to strengthen their position or undermine yours.

Crusader Kings III: Friends & Foes already available to buy. In addition, Paradox Interactive is offering a free weekend from September 8 to 11, during which everyone can try the base game Crusader Kings III for free on Steam.

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