New details about the upcoming 600-watt PCIe 5.0 slot for graphics cards


Detailed specifications of the connector have appeared PCI Express 12VHPWR, which provides up to 600W of power to a graphics card over a single cable, were posted as part of the ATX v3.0 implementation guide (source tweeted by momomo_us). The pictures, illustrations, and descriptions give a good overview of the upgraded power delivery system that will become important in future high-end PCs, but keep in mind that this is still leaked information, so take it with the necessary skepticism.

In the images above, we see for the first time the proposed power rating label of the new power connector standard. Instead of using connectors of different sizes, which differ depending on the expected peak power, the standard will rely on a physically identical 16 pin (12+4) connector with the maximum power supply indicated on the connector housing. The image attached to the marking example (above) simply shows the allowable size of the structure.

Diagrams Confirm Connector Width Size 20.85 mm. For help with dimensions inside your PC: 4 pin the Molex connector used in PC is wide 21 mm (plug). For comparison, related to the video card, one 8 pin PCIe slot is approx. 19 mm. However, the new 12VHPWR connector is quite deep, with a locking notch and S1-S4 side pins that are under the main 12 connectors.

We can also see the pin assignment table for the 600W connector. Power is supplied through six pins 12 V, so there are six corresponding ground lines. Previous leaks indicated that the contacts 12 V issued until 9.2 A each and this documentation is consistent with this specification for the total theoretical maximum power 662.4 W.

We currently do not have access to a section of the official documentation explaining the functions of the four sideband pins. However, judging by the names, it is assumed that they are intended to confirm the connection of power to the video card and feedback on the integrity and quality of the connection.

Since special overclocked video cards are already giving out 420 Wthe new PCI Express 12VHPWR connector is a much more desirable way to deliver that much power than, for example, an array of three 8-pin PCIe power connectors.

In terms of advanced 12VHPWR PC power supplies and the upcoming PCIe standard, we noticed last week that the new Gigabyte UD1000GM was released with a 16-pin connector. A month earlier, Asus ROG Loki opened the curtain, and it became known that the power supply is equipped with the same connector. Of course, neither Asus nor Gigabyte released these power supplies to the market, otherwise we would have seen them live and their new connectors.

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