New details of the horror Scorn

In a recent diary, the developers shared the status of the game and spoke in more detail about the shooter mechanics.

Horror inspired by H.R. Giger – the creator of the Alien – turned out to be not a shooter at all, as users might think about it, seeing a massive cannon in the hands of the protagonist. The developers said that this is just an optional “tool” that you should not rely on – for example, the video shows how the hero ran out of ammo at the most crucial moment, although the weapon can still jam and overheat. However, the player’s arsenal will include a shotgun, grenade launcher, and pistol, which will add confidence when exploring grotesque locations.

Scorn has had a rather difficult development process going back to 2014, and looking at the footage, the game is still hard to believe. But according to a fresh note from the authors, the release of the horror film will still take place in October this year – it remains to finalize the visual effects and animation, as well as catch and fix bugs.

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