New gameplay trailer for retro shooter Selaco


Shooter developer Altered Orbit Studios has confirmed that a Selaco demo will hit Steam this summer. She revealed the news along with a new gameplay trailer that showcases FEAR’s mix of combat with the nearly unrecognizable Doom engine.

There are a lot of great FPS games coming to PC, and Selaco is one of the most promising indie games of 2022. The game’s combat is directly inspired by Monolith’s classic FEAR from 2005 – so much so that it even features the classic nail gun – all powered by the venerable Doom engine.

An early demo of Selaco is available now, but the Altered Orbit team confirms that they are preparing to release a full public demo on Steam in June, which is expected to be more polished and more indicative of the final game than the backer demo. Hopefully this means that Selaco’s mainstream release date isn’t too far behind, even though the Steam page says it will release in 2255 – the same year we expect to see Half-Life 3.

You can check out the updated gameplay trailer below.

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