New information about the combat and much more The Callisto Protocol from the latest issue of Game Informer magazine

The Callisto Protocol is the protagonist of the latest issue of Game Informer, released digitally today. The magazine was able to get access to a demo of the game and interviews with the creators.

The new information focuses primarily on combat: what actions the main character performs, how he feels, and so on. Those who have played Dead Space will feel right at home in The Callisto Protocol. In addition to the creator of the saga, Glenn Scofield, who is now the founder of Striking Distance Studios, the new game also features Steve Papoucis, director of Dead Space 3.

The premise of The Callisto Protocol is that aliens are invading a space prison. You play as a prisoner who must survive and find out who or what is behind this invasion.

Your character is not a marine, and the developers have worked to make you feel like a weak character with few weapons, which are mostly limited to typical prison weapons.

The main melee weapon is the club, although there will be some pistols and shotguns. The creators also mention a tool called “GRP” used for crowd control that emits a pulse that pushes enemies away or pulls them towards you.

Thus, in general, running away would be the best option, although there will be times when we will have no choice but to fight mutants called “biophages”. To defeat them, shoot at their limbs, incapacitate them, and it will be easier for you to fight.

These monsters were created from a human figure, which the developers then applied all sorts of dirty tricks to, as you can see in the deformed head in the image below.

Finally, they confirmed that while it takes place in the same universe as PUBG Battlegrounds, Striking Distance had complete freedom to make the game the way they want, and the relationship with the battle royale will be limited to easter eggs.

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