New Knights of Honor II trailer dedicated to multiplayer

Lead your medieval kingdom to honor and glory with up to 6 players, each ruling their own kingdom, caliphate, duchy or republic.

Five multiplayer modes will be available to players:

  • First Blood: Destroy another player by conquering all of their provinces.
  • Peasants Rush: A fierce battle for territorial control. The first team or player to expand their territories to the selected number of provinces and take control of them wins.
  • Destroy Kingdom: You must defeat a randomly selected kingdom and also be the one to deliver the final blow.
  • Greedy King: Become the richest king by quickly filling your kingdom’s treasury – by whatever means necessary.
  • War for Goods: A master mode that requires conquest to obtain rare resources from other empires, as well as economic development to build buildings and create upgrades. The purpose of this mode is to provide a certain amount of unique goods for your kingdom.

Strategy Knights of Honor II will be released on PC on December 6th.

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