New mod for Cyberpunk 2077 makes arcade machines playable


Cyberpunk 2077 is full of arcade machines. As you travel around Night City, you’ll find these boxes in cafes, bars, arcades, and even one of V’s new apartments. However, none of them are actually playable. At least not in the vanilla version of the game.

Thanks to modder keanuWheeze, it’s not just decor anymore. Playable Arcade Machines adds four arcade games that can be played on arcade machines found throughout the city. The games cover completely different genres. It’s also the perfect mod for those who want to turn the game into the immersive simulation we all know it could be.

The mod adds Panzer Shooter Extreme, Cyber ​​Gryphon, Netriss and Roach Race – the last of which is a nod to another CD Projekt Red series, The Witcher. All games are inspired by different genres and titles. Panzer Shooter Extreme is, as the name suggests, shoot ’em up. While Cyber ​​Gryphon, Netriss and Roach Race are influenced by Flappy Bird, Tetris and Google Chrome Dinosaur Game respectively.

To play, simply interact with the first arcade machine that comes across. It will cost you two Eurodollars.

It has been received very positively by fans, with many feeling that this feature should have been in the game from the start. Some are also asking the modder to add regular casino slots, so it’s possible that the gaming centers we encounter in the city will also serve the purpose soon.

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