New PS5 update adds Apple Music support

The PlayStation 5 is rumored to add support for Apple Music – and this is the first console on which the music service will be available natively. With the update available today, October 27, PS5 owners with Apple Music memberships can stream songs, listen to playlists, and watch music videos through the Apple Music app.

Apple Music can run in the background so players can listen to music as they play games. Players can launch the Apple Music app and then jump into the game, or they can press the PS button on the DualSense controller to play music from the Music Function card in the Control Center.

Apple Music will offer recommendations that match the game they are playing, or they can choose their own playlists or those recommended by Apple.

In terms of music video playback, users can launch the video and watch it from within the app. If they decide to play a game or go somewhere else, the audio from the video will continue to play. Back in the app, you will see a video from where you left off.

This is just the latest partnership between Apple and Sony, as the two companies previously worked together to bring free Apple TV to members. It remains to be seen if Apple Music will arrive on Xbox or Nintendo Switch.

The PS5 already has a Spotify app that allows users to stream music as they play, so this is another choice for people.

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