New region, world boss and other content in the latest Black Desert Mobile update

Adventurers will travel to Navan Meadow and face the formidable World Boss, while reworked Nightmare content will offer a unique combination of PvE and PvP.

Navan Meadow is a vast valley north of Lemoria’s Central Camp in northeastern Kamasylvia. This is the home of feathered wolves, belladon elephants, featherbeds and black panthers. Here, players will meet with the new world boss Griffin of the Ahives. Those who can defeat the boss will receive valuable rewards depending on the amount of damage dealt.

Updated Nightmare content invites adventurers to a virtual battlefield where they will fight each other and fearsome boss monsters. To succeed in the fight without rules, you will have to use your skills wisely and coordinate attacks with your guildmates.

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