New Resident Evil 3 concept art shows Umbrella creating Nemesis in the lab – does he wear socks?


In Resident Evil 3, the mutant monster Nemesis pursues Jill throughout the burning Raccoon City. But how was Umbrella’s ruthless tyrant created? Fresh concept art sheds light on how it could be.

Capcom released four arteach of which revolves around Nemesis.

We see him on a table in the Umbrella lab, connected to various tubes and with technicians in hazmat suits taking notes.

Another art shows that these experiments did not go according to plan, where the Umbrella leadership has been watching from relative safety all this time.

Next, a bloody Nemesis is on his knees in sheer agony. Perhaps he simply realized that his vocabulary was limited to one word.

And finally, we see Nemesis in a suit and boots, about to attack Jill.

This early concept art from Resident Evil 3 gives us a glimpse into Umbrella’s labs and see what she might have looked like when creating Nemesis, Jill’s ruthless stalker.

The concept art is a fun take on Resident Evil 3’s story and a snapshot of a monster that is nothing more than a single-minded threat in the game. There isn’t much to Nemesis other than a jump scare here, a chase there, a boss fight outside that burning building, etc.

But should we feel sorry for old Nemmy given what he’s been through?

Probably no. But it’s worth emphasizing something in one of the art that suggests Nemesis has more humanity than we might think: in the lab scene, Nemesis is wearing what looks like a pair of socks.

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