New screenshots from the future Heart of Russia DLC – steles at the entrance to cities

Speaking earlier in our blog about the sculptural monuments of Russia, we deliberately lost sight of a very specific type of these structures – steles at the entrance to cities.

Entrance steles are unique structures, most often made of concrete, or they can be variously designed signs or inscriptions. Their main purpose is to indicate the entrance to the city that you will most often pass by in this expansion. Each city goes to great lengths to let you know that you are officially entering their administrative area. By the way, these steles also serve as markers for three important administrative units of Russia – the region, the district, the district.

The most important of the three is the structure denoting the boundary of the so-called oblast, which is a type of federal subject of Russia and serves as a first-level administrative unit. Next come the administrative districts, which are divided into smaller units – districts.

It seems that even with a GPS malfunction, no trucker should get lost in the expansion of the Heart of Russia map. And if you can’t wait to drive past the many steles and signposts, don’t forget to add the DLC to your Steam Wishlist.

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