New screenshots from the upcoming Montana DLC

When it comes to detective work, we believe our community is second to none. Within a short period of time (sometimes minutes), members of our official forums, along with our followers on our social networks (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram), can pinpoint the actual locations where screenshots from the game were taken.

Today we are again reaching out to you, our #BestCommunityEver, to find locations from our Montana DLC in development for American Truck Simulator. Are you ready to take on the challenge? If yes, then let’s get started!

Post your answers on our official forums, social media, or in the comments on our blog. We can even reward multiple users with a key!

PLUS American Truck Simulator is celebrating its 6th anniversary on Wednesday and we’d love to celebrate it with you! Join us live as we deliver and give away ATS-related gifts! Don’t miss the livestream at 18:00 CET on Twitch and YouTube.

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