New Sifu Mod Helps Recreate Neo’s Classic Fight Against Agent Smith Clones


Since the game’s release, the Sifu modding community has taken full advantage of the game’s unique combat system and premise, creating many truly creative mods that help us bring some of our favorite movies to life. But while John Wick, Shaggy, and every other game mod we’ve seen so far is great, one user showed why there can only be one… The only one, if you will.

As you can see in the video below, the user provided why Neo’s re-creation of the Smith clones from The Matrix could be the best Sifu has ever come out with.

Just like in the movie, this mod lets players experience what it’s like to be Neo fighting off hundreds of Smith clones in hand-to-hand combat. The video is only 2 minutes long, but it really shows how fun and chaotic adding mods like this can be.

Anyone who wants to try it out for themselves can do it on the PC version of the game through the Nexus Mod by downloading a selection of mods on this link

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