New trailer TRAIL OUT with Splitscreen mode for two players

A new trailer video for the TRAIL OUT game has appeared online, showing a new splitscreen mode with the ability to play together.

In the new mode, it is possible to play together on gamepads or on one keyboard like the good old ones. When choosing the game “Two drivers” it is possible to enable bots or play only with your friend. In splitscreen mode, 6 maps are available, two of which are new. Such as “Seaport” and “Big Farm”. Of the interesting, new large destructions with “secret” points of their activation on the map have been added.

Also, if you have a good Internet connection, you can try playing through Remote Play on Steam, as not everyone has the opportunity to gather in one place, and this is a good way to spend time. Given that this is a DEMO, the developers are very active in communicating with the players and answering all questions on the Discord channel. As in any DEMO, the game has a lot to refine and polish, which is what the developers are doing. The game is now available at Steam demo version for free.

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