Nightdive Studios wants a remaster of Eternal Darkness, but so far without success


Since release on Nintendo GameCube in 2002 Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem from Silicon Knights has become a cult classic and one of the most popular third-party games on the console. Despite constant rumors that over the years Eternal Darkness will return to several consoles, from Wii U before switch, the iconic Gamecube game has never been re-released outside of its original platform. Now nightdive studiosa developer known for remastering classic games, put some of the blame for the game’s obscurity on Nintendo itself.

Nightdive CEO Stephen Kick cites his studio’s past experience with Nintendo, explaining that Nintendo was often “shy” when working with third-party developers. Nightdive approached Nintendo to remaster several of the company’s old games, and Kick confirmed that Eternal Darkness is at the top of his personal list of remasters for the studio. In recent years, the studio has made a name for itself with several remasters of games from the Nintendo 64 era, such as the series Turk and reissue Doom 64 in 2020.

While Eternal Darkness was a significant success for Nintendo, garnering several awards upon its launch, the series lay dormant after several years of uncertainty about its future. The sequel was initially rumored to have been in development by Silicon Knights for several years before the project was finally cancelled, and rumors of an Eternal Darkness sequel on both Wii U and Nintendo Switch never materialized. A remake or sequel to Eternal Darkness will be the first release of the popular horror game in nearly two decades.

Whether an Eternal Darkness remake is released or not, the game will remain an iconic piece of gaming history. Obviously, fans aren’t the only ones who keep waiting for his return, and hopefully Stephen Kick’s recent push for an Eternal Darkness remaster will see Nintendo do something more with IS.

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