No Man’s Sky Creator Says Galactic Sandbox Is Far From Complete


Sean Murray said that the team hello games constantly coming up with new features that they would like to add to No Man’s Sky, and each new update inspires more and more new ideas. According to him, “No matter how many updates we release since launch and no matter how many to-do items we complete, our list of things we want to do never seems to get shorter. The team is constantly coming up with new things they want to do.” to do with the game: new content, features and areas for improvement”.

We try not to talk publicly about what’s on this list, but suffice it to say that we’re far from done. I like to think that No Man’s Sky is such a big game that we have to paint in broad strokes, and then each update comes in and fills in some of the smaller details, but also puts in new broad strokes. This certainly applies to this game as well. If you look at our changelog for the latest Sentinel update, you’ll see a ton of improvements, but also huge new features.

This list of updates planned hello games for No Man’s Sky, is being developed in parallel with the studio’s new game, which Murray said in September 2021 is at a “very early stage” of development. The only information disclosed is that it is “a huge, ambitious game similar to No Man’s Skythough not a sequel. It will likely continue that way for a while, as Murray also said they learned their lesson about discussing their games too early after an open (and controversial) release No Man’s Sky.

The new Sentinel update has completely overhauled the game’s combat, adding new weapons, updating old ones, and adding many new enemies to use them on.

Today the update is available on PlayStation, Xbox and PCand the players nintendo will be able to enjoy it along with the rest of the parts No Man’s Skywhen the game comes out switch this summer.

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