Norman Reedus commented on the rumors about his participation in the film adaptation of the comic book “Ghost Rider”


At the end of last year, information appeared about the possible participation of the Ghost Rider in the current phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. According to some rumors, Norman Reedus was approved for the role of the hellish arbiter of justice. The actor decided to comment on the leak himself in a recent interview for comic book.

Reedus admitted that he himself “added fuel to the fire” several times. Through his social media accounts, he has tagged fan art depicting him as the Ghost Rider and hinted at his involvement in Marvel films. In a conversation, the actor confirmed that some negotiations on this subject were still underway. He can’t say anything specific, so he asks fans to “cross their fingers”.

Film adaptations of the Ghost Rider comics have a very controversial reputation. First, on the big screens, Nicolas Cage tried to embody the cult hero Marvel, and then Gabriel Luna tried himself in this role for the series “Agents of SHIELD”. All these attempts in the superhero movie fan community are considered to be failures, but they do not leave hopes of seeing the beloved comic book hero again.

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