Norman Reedus fuels the latest Ghost Rider rumors


The Walking Dead star Norman Reedus has long been seen by Marvel comics fans as the new Ghost Rider in the mainstream MCU. This was facilitated by some rumors about the participation of the actor in the plans of the studio and the work of fans. In addition, Reedus himself actively raises this topic at the first opportunity. Back in February, he admitted he was in active talks with Marvel producers and now uses social media to promote his Ghost Rider persona.

The actor shared with his subscribers high-quality fan art, where he showed the Ghost Rider in his performance. The author of the drawing was clearly inspired by the latest projects of the star. He did not add a demonic appearance to Reedus, focusing on the human form. By and large, a famous hero can only be recognized by a motorcycle that is engulfed in flames.

According to some media reports, viewers will be able to see the new Ghost Rider in future Marvel projects. It is possible that the hero will appear as a cameo, and then get his own project.

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