Nvidia: GeForce RTX 30 may be in production longer than expected


Still can’t find an RTX 3000 graphics card? Well, they may be around for a while, even after Nvidia releases the company’s next generation products.

According to Nvidia CFO Colette Kress, the company is considering keeping the RTX 3000 series in production for longer than originally thought to meet continued demand for PC graphics cards.

At an investor event Morgan Stanley on Monday, Kress was asked about how Nvidia is approaching its next-generation products, which are likely to be released this fall. Kress didn’t say much about future GPUs, but noted that Nvidia may be selling next-gen GPUs alongside the current RTX 3000 series.

This is what the company was doing at the end of last year when revived an old RTX 2060 card with 12GB of VRAM to bolster GPU stock.

“Even during this period of COVID and supply restrictions, it was interesting because it gave us the opportunity for games to continue to sell both the current generation (RTX 3000) and the Turing generation (RTX 2000 series),” she said. “So we’re doing this to give our players more and more options. And we may see something similar in the future.”

That said, when Nvidia revived the RTX 2060 card, shipments were initially quite low. You can now find it on Newegg, but it’s priced between $500 and $600 – significantly more than the original RTX 2060 product, which started at $349 when it first debuted in 2019.

The high cost speaks to another problem facing the GPU market: Too many products are being sold at ridiculously high prices. However, Kress has previously stated that Nvidia is looking to lower prices by bringing more GPUs to market. So continued production of the RTX 3000 series could help achieve that goal.

During an investor event on Monday, Kress confirmed that Nvidia expects significant improvement in GPU shipments starting in the third quarter. “We will continue to work on deliveries. I think we will have a good supply situation in the second half of the year,” she said.

Kress also teased that Nvidia might reveal more about “some elements” related to next-gen GPUs at the company’s GTC event later this month.

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