NVIDIA May Reveal New Hopper GPU At GTC 2022


NVIDIA hints that at the event GTC 2022 they will talk about the much discussed GPU hopper. According to Videocardz, it looks like it will be based on the next generation Hopper architecture.

It is worth noting that Jensen Huang, CEO of NVIDIA, is not the first time playing with the press and their feelings, but in addition to excites waves of speculation. So the slightest drop of skepticism does not hurt here. GPU NVIDIA Hopper should be the first instance of a company based on multichip module (MCM), and may include up to two GPUs in one package.


Based design MCM, is arguably the next step in the evolution of GPUs, given that we are now limited by the grid size of most deep ultraviolet (EUV) photo printing scanners. Architectural improvements and MCM design are the next logical frontier, and since AMD already accomplished it on the CPU front, it makes sense that GPUs would be the next step in their grand plan – which explains why NVIDIA wants to take advantage of all this and go all the way to victory.

But, unfortunately, Jensen Huang made a strange statement that Hopper will remain monolithic in nature (at least with respect to the H100 chip) and will not be based on the MCM approach.

a hint at the announcement of the Hopper architecture
a hint at the announcement of the Hopper architecture

Alleged, completely unconfirmed, and believable specs for the upcoming flagship GPU NVIDIA H100 will have 2 crystal area 900 mm² process based TSMC N5. This adds up to 140 billion transistors or 70 billion for each graphics processor. This means an increase in density per square millimeter of about eighteen%. He will have 268 GPU clusters and a total 34 304 nuclei CUDA. The memory bus will 6144-bit, and everything on board can be 128GB HBM3 memory. The heat dissipation is sure to be huge and is in the range 500W+.

Grace Hopper - first Harvard Mark 1 programmer
Grace Hopper – first Harvard Mark 1 programmer

NVIDIA architectures have always been based on computer programming pioneers, and this one seems to be no different. Architecture Nvidia Hopper founded Grace Hopperwho was one of the pioneers of computer science and one of the first Harvard Mark 1 programmers and the inventor of the first linkers.

She also popularized the idea of ​​machine-independent programming languages, which led to the development COBOL An early high-level programming language still in use today. She joined the Navy and helped the US military during World War II.

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