Off-road racing has begun in SnowRunner

In Season 7: Compete & Conquer, players will be able to go on a solo trophy raid or arrange a competitive race in co-op.

The seventh season of Compete & Conquer has started in SnowRunner, in which, instead of the usual transportation of goods, drivers will be invited to participate in races.

The game has a new map of Tennessee, four by four kilometers in size. The location is specially adapted for competitions: signs and gates have been installed on the tracks, fan camps have been set up along the routes.

Drivers will enjoy circuit racing and off-road racing for solo and co-op play, as well as the new Gor BY-4 car and a real Sprinter racing truck.

In Season 7, the game received enhanced cross-play between PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch, as well as an update for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series nextgen consoles with support for 60 fps, 4K resolution, and a number of graphical improvements.

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