Official: Nvidia’s Arm Acquisition Deal Canceled


At the same time, the company arm There have been major changes in leadership. The current CEO of the company, Simon Segars, is stepping down as of today to be replaced by René Haas, Group President IP Arm (and former Nvidia vice president and general manager of computing products). SoftBank will keep a $1.25 billion reward for breaking the deal.

Since the deal is now out of the question, arm said it was considering a public offering instead of an acquisition. It is currently planned that the IPO (the first public sale of shares of a joint-stock company) will take place within the next 12 months.

For the first time Nvidia announced its plans for this mega-merger in September 2020. At that time the CEO Nvidia Jensen Huang argued that this would allow his company to create “a company positioned for the age of artificial intelligence.”

In some ways, today’s announcement is not a surprise. After the US Federal Trade Commission announced it would file a merger blocking lawsuit, claiming the combined company could “unfairly influence competitors Nvidia‘, Bloomberg reported that Nvidia prepares to abandon his plans. In the UK, where it is headquartered armthe merger has faced similar hurdles in recent months, as well as EU antitrust regulators.

Eventually Nvidia, which dominated the GPU and AI accelerator market and owned the intellectual property for the chips that power virtually all smartphones and IoT devices, sounded the alarm. Most likely, the two companies would have had to make significant changes to their deal in order to get it through the regulatory process – or abandon it.

Throughout this guide Nvidia and arm remained publicly optimistic that the deal would eventually pass regulatory scrutiny. Knowing that there will be some pushback, both companies have always given themselves plenty of time to complete the deal: the projected closing date is March 2022, 18 months after the announcement.

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